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(yachtclub) WatersportVereniging Amaterdam
Foundit 27 january 1918
Webdisign J.G.Lelieveld 2002
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For docking in the winter the marina can offer:
The hangar.
Docking on land (not sheltered).
The dingy slope ( for small boats).
Sheltered place in the water.
Boat hoist and moveble crane.
The docking of your boat is done by a group of members.
The marina has various cranes:
· Fixed crane - lift capacity 800 kg.
· Movable crane - lift capacity 10.000 kg.
· Boathoist - lift capacity 20.000 kg.

(docking your ship includes cleaning the hull by means of a high preasure water hose)
Self maintanance on your boat is possible as well as professional repair.
During the summer season you have the opportunity to park your car on the marina complex.

Fore more information;

Graaf Janstraat 61
1947 KE Beverwijk
Handy. +31(0)651005947
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