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(yachtclub) WatersportVereniging Amaterdam
Foundit 27 january 1918
Webdisign J.G.Lelieveld 2002
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The "W V A " is a flourishing club. What do we mean?
The club was founded in 1918 by a group of enthusiastic boaters who believed they could give better form to their mutual hobby, by working together.
After overcoming many ups and downs a flourishing club was born.
The marina is located next to the "Nieuwe Meer sluis" , the locks towards Amsterdam at the gateway to the "Amsterdamse bos" (woods). This beautiful nature area gives an extra dimension to its location and are at walking distance from the marina.
The marina is also located close to the city of Amsterdam due to excellent transport connections. ( 30 minutes by metro to the city Central Station).

From the marina you can make short (weekend) trips by boat to the following lakes.
( by the way:  the Dutch words "plas" and "meer" mean lake)

Hollandse plassengebied
(Westeinderplassen, Kagerplassen en Braassemermeer).
After the boat ride through Amsterdam are also accessible for a weekend;
IJsselmeer en Randmeren,
De Amstel,
The "start tower"…..
by which you can easily recognize the WVA when approaching on water
Vechtplassen (Vinkeveen en Loosdrecht).
Aftermany years and  numerous arrangements, the marina now gives place to approximately 200 various sized boats.
Most mooring places have a landing stage alongside the boats to make stepping ashore easy.
At reasonable distance there are connections for electrity and drinking water.

The marina has a highly modern installation for the drainage of  bilge - and waste water. (environment landing stage)

The marina is permanantly guarded by the marina master who actually lives on the premises. Together with the members of the club he takes care of  a lot of work in the marina every day.

In short: our marina gives you an excelent opportunity to enjoy your boat and sailing in general. For a holliday it is a perfect place to come and see Amsterdam with your own boat.

Please Note:
( Staande mast-route) Tall mast route for sailboats.
For sailboats the Nieuwe Meer can also be reached but you have to think of  about 15 bridges passing Amsterdam.
Coming from the north you can only once per day cross the city at around 02.00 a.m. each night! You will then sail in a group. Sometimes up to a hundred  boats or more and all the bridges will be raised. A beatiful sight to see and to experience!
From the south into the city this crossing takes place at around 23.30. p.m.
For motor boats it is allowed to sail through the city throughout the day and if nescessary the bridges will be raised for you. The average height of the bridges is approximately 2.40 m.

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