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(yachtclub) WatersportVereniging Amaterdam
Foundit 27 january 1918
Webdisign J.G.Lelieveld 2002
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Information about berths and/or membership.

Persons that indicate interest in a berth at the WVA or membership of the WVA we recommend to proceed as follows;
Please contact our Boats Commissioner;
Mr. R. Scager
Graaf Janstraat 61
1947 KE Beverwijk
The Netherlands
He can provide information about the availability of berths.
If the result of your contact that you would like to join the WVA, please send your name, address and residence data to our Secretary/members administration;
Mr. R.J.P. Vaarberg
Goereesepad 89
1181 EN Amstelveen
The Netherlands
They will send you a registration form to obtain the candidate membership and a price list with a cover letter.
You fill out the registration form completely and send it to our Secretary.
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